Hi, I’m Maricris! I’m a proud NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I have NASM specializations in women’s fitness, corrective exercise, and am also a certified nutrition coach. My inspiration for continuous education is based on the needs and desires of my clients. I work closely with each of my clients to coach them through a lifestyle transformation. My style of personal training is more than fitness. I believe that your win starts within. Success starts with you!

In addition to creating various exercise programs for my clients based on their personal goals and career lifestyle, I also focus on educating and coaching my clients on their mindset and nutrition. My focus on MINDSET.FOOD.MOVE. have been the key pillars to my success with my clients— creating long-lasting habits for a lifetime!

MINDSET. FOOD. MOVE. Online Fitness Programs and in-person training elevate your life to the next level!

MINDSET – This is the most important part of your health and wellness journey. You’re here because you’re looking for an experience that is going to change your life and give you the lifestyle that you want. We must determine WHY you want to change? A strong WHY gives you the ability to push through even when it seems impossible. It gives you the strength to bounce back. We set those expectations and reminders, so when life gets rough you can remember why you’re in this 100%. And I’m here to make sure you don’t forget it!

FOOD – The FOOD you fuel your body with is what will reveal your hard work. It can always be controlled – even with a busy schedule. As a certified nutrition coach, I’m here to help guide and educate you to healthier habits you can maintain. I help you understand what’s in your food so you can feel comfortable meal prepping or eating out in social settings.

MOVE – The way you MOVE is what will keep your heart and muscles happy and healthy! I meet you where you’re at, and work with you to take you to the next level! You tell me what your fitness goals are, and I create a personalized exercise program for you. The only way is up!


You have plenty on your plate, so all you need to do is show up, and I’ll take care of the rest! We work together virtually with your personalized fitness training program. I support you with a workout program based on the equipment you have access to. If you don’t have equipment, no problem! I can create a personalized bodyweight program. I’m here to strategize how to seamlessly integrate your new fitness routine within your current schedule without added stress! The goal is to make a transition to a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible! We’re working together to accomplish long-term health, so we take it week by week to adjust to every day life. This is about being strong in life, and not just for the gym or aesthetics. You work hard in your every day, so your health needs to match how you’d like to enjoy it!

To learn more on how I can support you on your journey, schedule a complimentary training consult call so I can learn about your personal needs and how I can support you!

Program Details
60-min Zoom Training Sessions
Meal Plan Menu Ideas/Meal Prep Company Referrals
2 Monthly One-on-One Coaching Calls

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