October 5, 2020

Y’all know if I can find a balance of a healthy, quick and easy, and tasty meals I’ll do it. We got a lot on our plates (no pun intended) and sometimes we gotta get creative with our meal plans. Depending on my schedule, I can’t always do whole and fresh foods, so I’ll mix them up with some frozen items from time to time. I like to find recipes, and freestyle to my flavor palette and use them as guidelines. So please excuse my loose measurements haha. Feel free to try this recipe out if you’re looking for something new! Let me know how you like it!

3 Bell Peppers

Gardein beefless ground (or substitute your choice protein ️)

Trader Joe’s Rice Medley (Frozen Section)

1/2 cup Organic Chicken Broth

8oz Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Veggies: Broccoli, Onion, Mushrooms Parsley, Minced Garlic

Season to your liking: Cumin, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder

Optional: Sprinkle Sharp Cheddar

Directions: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut bell peppers in half, vertically, and remove seeds. Microwave one bag of the @traderjoes rice medley for 3 min. Dice your choice of vegetables. Sautee beefless ground, veggies and rice with chicken broth and fire roasted tomatoes. Spoon the stir fry into bell peppers. Optional – top with cheese. Pour the rest of the chicken broth in pan. Cook for 45 min, then enjoy! Use extra stir fry in pan as extra meal prep – Veggie Rice Bowls.


September 28, 2020

The infamous YTWL Routine! Let’s improve our posture and work on our strength and range of motion in our shoulders and upper back. You can do these movements with or without weight. These are deceptive because they look easy, but I encourage you to stick to bodyweight or lightweights to ensure you’re going through your full range of motion with quality. Trust me it gets tiring, and easy to slip out of form. There’s always room to get better. I’m speaking from experience. A lot of us, including myself, can be a bit restricted as we try these movements and need to work on our mobility, hence why I’m stressing that the weights aren’t always necessary when we are working to have that solid foundation. These are toughies that I have to keep as a part of my routine to work on regularly. These are especially great for you if you have a sedentary desk job and are used to sitting, and have a tendency to slouch forward, or are always texting – aka “text neck.” In addition, if you’re used to working out the front side of your body, this will help you open back up! Let me know how they work for you!


September 22, 2020

Quiet mornings and watching the sunrise has absolutely become one of my favorite things to do. To be in my own element, have the feeling of peace, and watch nature do its thing. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love to marvel in the unique beauty of each sunrise. Also, watching so many people come out to catch the sunrise and see their interaction is a beautiful reminder of how the simple things matter in life. You really don’t need much. When you’re present, basking in the beauty around you, and in good company it fills you up. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a ride, but I’m forever grateful for the shifts it has caused me to made. The leaps of faith I have had to make. That’s the beauty of life, you never know what’s going to unfold. However, I just choose to continue to trust, and go with the flow much like the waves, and it’s been quite the journey see how it’s unfolded. I have my dreams and goals, and will continue to pursue them and plan out what I can, but I will continue to adjust to God’s plan cause he’s been killing the game haha. We have plans, but He always has bigger plans, and I’ll continue to surrender. It’s been such a learning experience to continue to trust my intuition, His plan, and recognize that everything is for me whether it seems “good or bad.” It’s all meant to keep me moving and pivoting in the direction I should be headed…I’ll forever be grateful for these life experiences. Life is beautiful if you choose to see it that way ???

September 17, 2020

Have you mastered bicycle crunches? If so, here’s A TWIST ? on your traditional bicycle crunches…Tricycle Crunches! ?
A set of 20 – 30 reps total is sure to set your core on fire! Try out 3 rounds

Lift both legs off the ground and extend one leg fully, while drawing in the other knee towards your chest . Keep your chin lifted (imagine holding an apple under your chin), shoulders off the ground, light fingertips behind your ears to keep from straining your neck, and your elbows wide to encourage more rotation to engage your obliques more. Complete three rotations on one side, pause for one second, then repeat the movement on other side. When you’re pedaling your legs, imagine that you’re “reverse” pedaling to encourage the hip tilt towards your body to engage your lower core. Draw those legs straight in and out! Be strong and in control with your tempo throughout these movements…that’s where the work happens! Make sure to breathe through your rotations! Now enjoy that core fire! ? #rg @maricrislapaix


August 24, 2020

Real talk here! I want to share some of the insights and breakthroughs I’ve had recently, and how I’ve seen it’s relation within my business, personal life, and also my clients and their journey. When we really dive deep into looking at our goals and figuring out how to accomplish them, sometimes we become the ones who kill the dream. We get scared. So for example, I’ve competed at a high level for sports, but when there’s something I can’t do as well, I might hold back from participating in it. It’s scary to put myself in a position of not looking “athletic,” since that’s how I’ve been identified as for years. However, it sucks not trying new things if I’m actually intrigued by it, and I’m just holding myself back cause I’m scared of losing face. I find that this relates to my clients and their fitness journey. Especially my strong and powerful high level corporate workers and my moms who are the anchors of their family. If they haven’t had a fitness routine in years, it’s scary to think that they’ll now have to be vulnerable and take on a new journey. The underlying fear is actually being seen as “weak and incapable,” with the possibility of “failure.” And this is where they begin to question themselves…”Can I actually accomplish my goal?“ And then the excuses start to pile up as to “why it’s not the right time.” But we have to remember there is no failure, it’s just continuous evolvement and learning. The real question is, “am I ready to shed my old identity and step into my higher self?” When you’re looking to start something because you believe it’s a part of your values, it becomes a different experience. You become more willing to adjust and grow at a pace fit for you. You’re not trying to match anyone else’s journey, or an image of “perfection.” So ask yourself…when it comes to deciding on whether or not you want to start your fitness journey, are you making excuses for you, and stuck in maintaining a certain identity? Or are you ready to be kind to yourself and evolve and grow as it feels organic to you and your current needs and desires? We aren’t here to live in the past, we live for NOW.

August 2, 2020

“If you’re looking for that one person that will change your life, look within.” – unknown

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything you want, you already are.” – Rumi

I absolutely love learning from others’ experiences to help expedite the time for me to reach my goals. And while there’s always something to learn, I have experienced burnout in the process. It’s as if I’ve reached a limit on learning another business strategy. I lose the motivation. And these experiences made me realize that when I reach that point, the work that has to be done next is within myself. I have to look to myself for answers. It’s probably why I loved school so much, and why I’m so coachable. It’s easier to be given instructions than figure it out myself. However, at the end of the day whether you’re in school, or you have a coach, the final work has to be done by you. For me, 2020 has been about getting to know myself more. Accepting my dreams and desires, and trusting myself to make the right moves for me. It’s about trusting the process, and everything that comes into my life as part of my journey, and I’m grateful for each moment. There’s no end destination. As we reach each goal, we will want to move on to the next desire. So with that in mind, it’s important to trust yourself for this journey of life. You’re the one who has to take each step. So the best thing you can do now is trust that you’re capable of whatever you desire. You can’t go wrong – have faith.

June 23, 2020

This past Saturday, on June 20th, I turned 31. I know it’s common to hear that women don’t like to share their age, but it doesn’t bother me. The main reason is I truly feel that I’m continually learning more about myself, and always getting more comfortable in my skin. The more I learn, the more I feel I’m on a clearer path of continually living a fulfilled life on my terms. I’ve learned to create goals based on my desires, not what society says. They’re created by my definitions of happiness. And, I don’t fault myself for what I didn’t know. I know sometimes we can look at our age and then compare ourselves to others and wonder why we aren’t where they are in life, or ask how we let our health decline for this long. Rather than having that negative train of thought, I get excited when I discover a new priority in my life, and I know have a new journey to embark on. It is my job to keep my mindset in line with what I can control. We are always evolving, so we need to be kind to ourselves in the never-ending process. Priorities will always continue to shift, so just remind yourself you’re always on time. You always have the ability to show up for yourself. So whether you’re 31 like me, 54, or 75 you are only as old as your MINDSET. You’re the one who determines what you can and can’t do. You choose if you want to “age” yourself. Your self-care mentally and physically is what will determine your age. So…how old are you? It’s your call.

Here are 31 of my life lessons.
Feel free to reply to this email and send me yours! I’d love to hear!

1. Love Hard
2. Be willing to get hurt
3. Forgive
4. Seek to understand, not reply
5. You have no one to impress
6. When you’re scared, that’s the moment to do it
7. Be honest
8. Don’t shy away from your greatness
9. Speak your mind
10. Be willing to be wrong, and admit your fault
11. Trying and “failing” is better than not knowing
12. Make yourself your number one priority
13. Understand your worth
14. Keep boundaries
15. Check in with your mental health
16. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to
17. Make it a priority to schedule in time with friends and family, time flies. Work will always be there
18. Remember everyone is doing the best in their eyes, be compassionate and meet them with love even if it’s hard
19. The only thing you can control is your reaction
20. Make sure your circle of friends push you to be better without them telling you to. Let their character and actions inspire you
21. Even if you’ve been hurt, do your best to open your heart
22. Everything happens for a reason
23. There’s always a beautiful blessing, no matter how bad a situation is
24. Smile at a stranger and acknowledge them. It can make their day
25. Train consistently. Health is the key to enjoying a full life
26. If you really want something you’ll figure out how to make it happen. Period. We create our obstacles.
27. You are owed nothing.
28. You don’t owe anyone anything.
29. It’s okay if your perspectives change. That’s called growth. Don’t get locked into the “identity” of who you used to be or be worried about making others uncomfortable
30. Enjoy food. There’s no shame in eating healthy and indulging.
31. Dream big. Remind your loved ones regularly that you love them. Tomorrow isn’t promised.

Wishing you Health & Happiness,

Maricris Lapaix
Your Personal Trainer

August 11, 2019



It’s an exciting time when you think about starting your fitness journey. Why? Because you’re embarking on your journey to change for the better. Some of us want to lose weight, put on muscle, increase endurance, and/or simply do enough to maintain the lifestyle we have. Whatever your goal is, it’s important to set smart, realistic goals. Any goal is attainable, but it’s important to make it digestible.


For example, if you want to lose 50lbs, that’s great! However, at the same time it can seem like quite a ways away. When you chop it up into smaller milestones to reach, like 10lbs at a time, you have great benchmarks to reach, and you get to celebrate more! It’s important to understand that as you get stronger, small factors have to change along the way to keep the progress going.
Let’s use the example of weight loss. Typically, the first few pounds tend to be the easiest to drop with conscious efforts and changes to your exercise and food routine. It’s important to recognize that along the way, you have to learn and be aware of what’s happening.


How do you feel after each workout? How do you feel when you don’t workout? How do you feel after a week of healthier eating? How do you feel after consistently eating well, and then binging on junk food? How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? 


What do all these questions have in common–none of them have anything to do with the numbers on the scale.


While I personally use the scale for check-ins with my clientele, I use a scale that can tell me the whole story versus just the pounds. What’s IN your weight is what matters – hydration, body fat, muscle mass, and visceral fat (fat pushing against your organs), for example. So if you do purchase a scale, make sure it can tell you the whole story. Now while this is a great tool, it’s not something that should be used obsessively, in my opinion. When I perform weigh-ins, I prefer to weigh my clients every two to four-weeks depending on where they are on their journey and their consistency. But even with these smart scales, I much rather have them check-in with themselves.


Do you feel more energetic? Do you feel happier? Do you feel stronger? How do you feel when you complete the goals you’ve set for yourself?

Those are the best measurement tools that keep you going long-term.

Exercise isn’t meant to be a punishment to your body. It’s not something you should do because you don’t feel like you match up to someone else physically, or look like those in the limelight. It’s also something you won’t grasp overnight, so learn as you go. Aside from living a healthier, longer life, exercise allows you to live your best life. You can jump on any opportunity as it arises because you are as healthy as can be. You don’t want to feel like you have to avoid any social gatherings or events because you’re not capable to do so when it’s in your control. So don’t look to start your fitness journey as a temporary diet. Take it nice and easy. Ease in. Set small goals.


Here’s an example:
Week 1 & 2
    1. Mediate for 5-10 min in the morning, Monday-Friday
    2. Exercise for 20 min for 3 days out of the week
Week 3 & 4
    1. Mediate for 5-10 min every morning
    2. Exercise for 20 min 4 days out of the week
Create your goals in phases. There’s nothing more overwhelming to a Busy Body than going from an extremely busy schedule without exercise and regular health conscious food decisions, to all of a sudden going cold turkey on your regular habits, and adding a two-a-day exercise routine. Small changes truly add up to big results. If you want lasting results get it done correctly.
And MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you don’t hit all your goals, GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. If you haven’t worked out in 5 years, and manage one workout for that week, that’s more than you’ve previously done! Great job! There’s no quitting when you’re making a lifestyle change. One “setback” doesn’t ruin it all. Just get back to it. It’s as simple as that. Don’t put excess pressure on yourself when no one else is. As long as you’re honest with yourself and making true efforts, it’s all worth celebrating!


My task for you is to write 2 goals for yourself for this next month, and decide how you’ll progress it for the second half of the month, like the examples above. Get moving you BUSY BODY! You’re your own boss, and bosses don’t quit!


Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progression. 
Enjoy the journey!
Wishing you Health & Happiness,
Maricris Lapaix

August 11, 2019

Food Diaries


Keeping track of your food seems like a daunting task right? You have a hard enough time eating regularly, and now you’re supposed to track it?! Well here’s why I think you should give it a go for a few days at minimum.


Writing down your food consumption, or logging it into helpful apps like MyFitnessPal helps you discover things you didn’t even realize you were doing, and learn about what’s in your food. Commonly what my clientele have been able to discover is:
    1. They may be making healthier choices, but they’re not consuming enough of these healthier choices to fuel their body with their level of activity, which can be hindering their results even though they feel stronger
    2. Foods that you thought were healthier options, actually aren’t that healthy when you check out what’s beyond the calories and in the macronutrients
    3. When you log food, your competitive side for consistency comes out and you may find that you make better choices because you don’t want to record unhealthy options. You want to keep your healthy streak going!
    4. You start to learn about your food, make more conscious choices, and improve your portion sizes because you understand how to have better balanced meals and snacks to meet your macronutrient goals
I agree that food logging may not be a long-term, sustainable habit for a BUSY BODY, but when you are first beginning your fitness journey, it’s helpful to at least try and log 3-days of meals.


Here’s my task for you! Log two weekdays and one weekend day of meals and snacks to see what you do naturally. You may surprise yourself! Self-awareness is the key here. From there, either seek out professional help to analyze your habits, and/or start to make more conscious choices based off what you find. Try out new habits for 2-weeks to catch a rhythm for your new eating habits, and then check-in to determine if any progress has been made on your end. If there has been, great! Keep going! If not, no problem! Now you know! Determine small new changes that can be made and adjust as needed. This is all about trial and error to create habits best for YOUR lifestyle. And once you catch a routine that works, and connect how you feel internally with your results, you can start to back off your food log, and check in every so often to reasses.


Remember, these strategies are meant to be helpful and not daunting. These small efforts outside of your comfort zone will help benefit you in the long run, so it doesn’t feel like work to make healthier choices. You got this!


Remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about progression. 
Enjoy the journey!
Wishing you Health & Happiness,
Maricris Lapaix

August 11, 2019


If you know anything about me, you know that I love quotes! You can always interpret them to fit whatever is going on in your life.

Jay Shetty laid it out nice and clear with this one!

One day…


Day One?

You get to decide.

How many times have we talked about our goals, whether it be in regards to relationships, careers or our personal fitness goals, as if it is a dream in the far future? That may absolutely be the case in regards to timeline, and how fast we can learn and develop for that specific dream…however, I’ve really come to appreciate the power of our words. We need to speak knowing that whatever we want, can and will happen. Speak words of affirmation. Our words influence our mindset, which in turn influence how we take action.

I’m 100% on the side of “DAY ONE.” You need to instill in yourself the confidence that you can accomplish whatever it is you want to do. For example, if you’re talking about your fitness goal, rather than saying,

“ONE DAY I want to have a photoshoot when I drop these 20lbs,” say…

“This is DAY ONE of my 20lbs weight loss journey, and in 3 months I will have a photoshoot to celebrate my success.”

Make your goals concrete and visible. When you give yourself these deadlines it creates more fire and passion towards reaching your goal. There’s more urgency and purpose behind it. You haven’t created a goal that is just floating around with no foreseeable end. More specific goals lead to more specific actions. Now that you’ve set the goal for 3 months you can hold yourself accountable to reach certain weight loss bench marks, make a note in your calendar of when to contact a photographer, and also choose your shoot date. You’ve created a fun goal for you to look forward to.

If you find yourself having a hard time saying that it is “DAY ONE,” ask yourself, why? What is truly causing you to pause when moving forward. Are you afraid of failure? If so, remember “failing” is never actually “failing,” it is a lesson. You now get to continue on your journey with more experience. Continually find small steps to help you move forward. Ask for help when needed. Reach out to those who have traveled a path similar to where you’d like to see yourself. Continue to gather more research as you figure out the direction you’d like to move. No path is ever a straight line. Seek to create a timeline and path, but be flexible to adjusting as needed because you know that you’ve committed to your DAY ONE. ONE DAY is now something you can truly visualize in the near future because you’ve set up the road map to get you there. Be specific with yourself always. You’re worthy and capable.

Here’s my task for you! Define one fitness goal that you’d like to accomplish in 4-weeks. For example, you want to lose 8lbs.
On your DAY ONE, you’ve decided to take the journey to losing 8lbs
    1. DAY ONE – Go on a 30 minute walk, and do this 3x a week for the next 2 weeks
    2. In two weeks, you’ll jump to walking 30 minutes, 5x a week
    3. At the start of your second week, you’ll add a healthy protein shake after every walk
    4. On the 28th day, you’ll weigh in and be happy with the progress you’ve made and celebrate that commitment you’ve made to yourself the past 4 weeks. You will also set a new overall goal for the next 4 weeks.