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Do you have tight hips like me?! Welp if ya do, rock these out with me! Increasing my mobility and working on my range of motion has definitely been a focus lately. Whether you’re highly active, or sedentary these are great movements to get in touch with your body and how it’s moving! These movements will benefit you in your every day routine.

3 Moves to Improve Hip Mobility:

1.Prayer Squat (at your end range use your elbows to help push your knees out, hold at end range for 2-3 seconds)

2. Active Frogger (I’m very tight, so my range is no bueno lol, but that’s why I’m doing these! Pulse at the end range for 2-3 seconds then repeat trying to deepen your range each time!

3.Seated Internal/External Rotations with Hip Lift (use your hands behind you to support your movement and lift your hips up)

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by Maricris Lapaix

Maricris Lapaix, NASM-CPT, CNS WFS, CES https://MaricrisLapaix.com

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