March 22, 2021

I can never get over how beautiful the views are in Florida. It truly has been an inspiration to me to get outside and MOVE.MOVE.MOVE., such a blessing to have these views. Don’t ever feel limited to a gym or home, you can move anywhere!

Enjoy these three core fire moves! Full body challenges for your stability with compound movements.

💪🏽Lateral Bear Walk to Kickthroughs
💪🏽1/2 Moon Mtn Climbers with Push-Up
💪🏽X-Plank to Alternating Hand to Toe Taps

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February 22, 2021

We’re back at it my every day athletes! I recently shared my Top 20 picks for at-home gym equipment on Savvy’s blog, and core training sliders were one of them! So of course I want to give you some of my favorite movements to play with them!

And don’t forget! If you want to check out all my picks, you can access the Savvy blog to stock your home gym with equipment to keep you moving towards your fitness goals this year! And the cherry on top is all my picks won’t break the bank! Increase your gains and your savings at the same time!

4 Core Training Slider Moves
*Push-Up with Plank Jack Slide
*High Plank with a Knee Tuck Slide
*Slider Mtn Climbers
*Single Leg Knee Drive to Plank Jack Slide

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February 15, 2021

Fam! I’m so excited to share that I’m the Health and Fitness Expert for Savvy, a lifestyle blog on Savings.com! And my first task was to search for my Top 20 picks of at-home equipment to help you reach your goals this year! Click the link below to see my top picks for your home gym, and catch some savings!

It was such a blast to suggest items that I have as staples for all my clients, and also discover some new ones as well! These are all items that I’ve hand selected and would use myself, plus they won’t break the bank!  That’s key. Haha my Mom would be so proud of the savings …

The biggest thing about shopping for home equipment is purchasing items you would actually use, and having them be multi-purpose to keep things interesting, but also save space at home! It’s not always about the hype of the fanciest equipment. We just need to find ways to move that we genuinely enjoy!

One of my picks was the good ol’ Stepper Box! Plus, I’ve got some moves to go with them! I’m excited to share more of my picks with you, and how I use them! Let’s stay creative, and MOVE.MOVE.MOVE. I got you ! 😜 Goals coming right up in the comfort of your own home!

Savy Blog: Click here to find out my Top 20 Picks!

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February 1, 2021

As I continue to find different ways to move, I’m also becoming more aware of my body…where I feel strongest, where I lack range of motion, and experience tightness…and so on. My intention with my movements is to feel like I’m flowing with my body, and have a sense of release once I’m done. Repetition, care, and practice is what will allow me to improve.

And I want to encourage you to start thinking about improving your health and fitness in regards to improving your movement, not simply performing exercises. Our bodies are made to do so much more. By focusing on movement your body can function better as a whole, it will improve your day to day functions.

Here are some combinations I put together to challenge my stability, mobility, and strength.

Active Lat Stretch to Squat & Roller Shoulder Raise
Active Lat Stretch to Bear Stance Plank Reaches
Active Lat Stretch to Roller Push-Up

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January 10, 2021

I’m baaaack, and ready for 2021!!! Thankful for the much needed rest to reset over the holidays, and now I’m ready to get creative, and move and play! And there’s just something about Florida that makes me want to move and play. I absolutely love being outdoors here and challenging myself to create a fun and challenging workout. And I got myself with this routine – haha! Part of my goals in the new year is to challenge myself to become a trainer with more tools in my toolbox, to play with my movement, and be inspired by other great trainers by experiencing their workouts. The fun I have is what influences how I coach my clients as well. I want it to be an experience that becomes a life changing one for them that leads to a healthier lifestyle. So enjoy these fun combos! I love me some bear planks, and you can spot them in all three!

Kickthroughs to Alternating Single Leg Push Ups
Bear Plank Walk to Jump-Out Push Up
Plank Ups with Plank Jacks to Bear Stance Tuck

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January 8, 2021

Kick off 2021 with a workout goal that’ll become a lifestyle change!

As we come off the holidays, and readjust back to our day to day norms, while working to implement new habits to get started on our goals, a common obstacle that many of us have is TIME. This is one of the biggest adjustments that my clients have to make, especially my full-time mamas and corporate clients. However, we have to make the best of it! We can still reach our goals with quality work! So to remove that time factor, I want to share my time-effective, and challenging 28-day workout program to help with your busy schedule! I’ve taken out the guessing game with your workout program and just want you to MOVE.MOVE.MOVE.! I’d love nothing more than to be your coach in the new year!Head over to my bio and join in on the fun!

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December 22, 2020

The energy we have changes our experiences! Be mindful of how you carry yourself, and how others are around you. Great energy can greatly impact the course of our day, for better or for worse. So let it be great! See what happens when you step into a room next time with tons of positive energy, and how others react. Be their bright light! Leave that room even better than when you first stepped in! There is no better compliment than someone saying how much they love your energy! The world needs more positivity, so be the reason it overflows in happiness!

December 7, 2020


I love gliders! If you’ve got a set, give them a go! You can also try these at home with a pair of socks on a smooth surface!

  1. High Plank – Single Leg Quick Switch Climbers
  2. High Plank Alternating Mtn to Crossbody Climber
  3. Low Plank Jacks

The ability to maintain your stability and control through movement is key! And you can definitely have fun doing it! The above exercises may look smooth and simple, but boy does your core start to burn after time! These exercises are what my clients would call deceptive – haha! On an important note, we’ve got to remember that when it comes to training, It’s not always about moving fast and breaking a sweat that signifies a great workout. It takes a lot of energy, strength and control to remain in optimal body positioning. Always set your foundation first, and once that’s solid, the world is yours! Progressions will be much more effective, as well as safer for you! Enjoy the new core challenge!

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November 29, 2020


We need to respect our bodies. We are capable of doing magnificent things, and can push ourselves to the limit, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay in overdrive. We need to recognize where rest is mandatory and actually aids us in being more productive in our day to day, as well as growth specifically in our health and fitness journey. It’s much more productive and strategic to have regular breaks and rest, than unnecessarily push ourselves to the point of burnout. This applies to both mental and physical breaks. It takes more time to recovery from burnout. Be kind to yourself, and your body, you’ll go much further that way.