March 1, 2021

Can we just take a moment here? Life definitely throws us obstacles that can be out of our control, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to flow with it.

When we come to uncharted or unfamiliar territory, like fitness, that may or may not have been a major staple in our life, it can feel a bit intimidating…and that’s okay! But what’s not okay is underestimating your capabilities. The reality is we can’t all be rockstars at everything. And also…we won’t like or love everything we do! We are human! We have our preferences. But the most important thing is to get moving and find what you love! Never let the fear of failing or being vulnerable stop you from growing and learning.

Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. Strengthen your strengths, and use them to empower you, but also challenge yourself and seek growth. That’s what life is about. And I must say that victories from challenges are definitely the sweetest!

Stop worrying about what can go wrong, and remember why you are excited about your fitness goal…and keep asking yourself multiple questions as to why that goal is so exciting and important to you…

For example
Why do I want to be more active?
Because I want more energy in my day!

Why do I want more energy in my day?
Because I want to be more productive in my day!

Why do I want to be more productive in my day?
Because I want more time for my family!

Why do you want more time for family?
Because they mean everything to me, and I want to be able to enjoy all our nights together and run around with the kids!

…I think you get the picture 😉 Your fitness goals are more than aesthetics. It’s about living a quality life that you’re more than capable of. It’s about enjoying life to the fullest! Take the first step and then figure it out along the way! I urge you not to take yourself out of the game before you get in it! Who cares if you don’t know how you’re going to get there?! If all you care is that you get to your destination, then all that matters is you’re committed to you, and figuring it out! Now go get it! 💪🏽

February 8, 2021

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing you are?! It’s so easy to look at everyone’s Instagram and other social media platforms and see their highlight reel and wonder if you’re enough or even doing enough. But the fact of the matter is, no one knows what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s going on in your day to day, what goals you have planted in your heart, and what you’re regularly processing mentally. You’re the only one who does! And that’s all that matters!

This is why the Self Love Challenge is so important to me. As we navigate this month, and our day to day, we have to recognize that the only thing that is constant is change. And it’s important to remember that you can choose how you move, and at what pace. The only way you should move is in a way that feels organic to you because you’re the one who is experiencing it. So if it’s improving your health, then take a look at the overall picture of your health, and pick one habit that will add value to your life…then go knock that habit out of the park! That’s all it takes! It takes the mindset of you recognizing right off the bat that YOU’RE ENOUGH, and that you get to decide how you want to move in your day to day! When you come from a place of love to make improvements or goals, it’s an entirely different experience, than coming from a place of lack. Don’t forget to be grateful about your starting point, but excited about where you see yourself going! YOU ARE LOVE! Don’t forget it!

*Shirt from @danelladutton*

January 26, 2021

Can I really do this?

What’s going to be the difference this time?

Do I even have time?

Do I even know what I’m doing?

I’ve been chatting with my clients lately about how I can support them to take the next step in their fitness journey. They’re great at showing up for our private sessions, but can sometimes find it difficult on their own to stay motivated. And what I’ve truly learned is that aside from wanting a great workout routine to feel stronger, everyone just wants to feel supported. They want someone there to provide that extra confirmation in an unfamiliar territory that they’re exactly where they need to be, and can get to where they believe they can be!

I couldn’t be more grateful to be in a position to help my clients reach their goals physically, but also have an effect on their mental health, and add more light and energy to their days! We all have our obstacles, but nothing is ever that bad when you have someone by your side. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has ever trusted me to serve them…it’s the greatest gift a girl can ask for. You’re the reason I can’t stop working! I want you to remember that you’re a rockstar athlete that serves everyone…your family, your friends, your co-workers…and you deserve the health that can allow you to keep doing what you’re doing…and that’s to live life to the fullest…keep on rocking!

December 30, 2020

I know many people have resolutions for the new year, but I feel like I’ve strayed a bit from that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with resolutions, but I’ve become more fond of the mindset of small goals and lifestyle shifts whenever the desire strikes. Anytime of the year is the perfect time for a shift, or transition—not just the start of the new year.

Sometimes when we prolong things, we find reasons and excuses not to move forward versus taking action. That’s why I prefer small, mindful shifts that don’t seem overbearing, and are attainable. Nice and steady wins the race. And once you accomplish one, you continue to build on your goals. It’s great to have big goals and visions, but it’s also important to break them down. When you’re so used to a certain way of life, sometimes going cold-turkey or “going hard” can be a bit abrasive and place extra stress on the shift you’re truly trying to make. So rather than have a long list of resolutions, or think of new goals, sometimes I just simply look at how I can improve things that are currently in my life like – relationships, career opportunities, eating and workout habits. Nothing necessarily has to be “so off,” I can just look for ways to make life a little sweeter or keep the consistency and reflect on what’s really working to keep that going.

For example, my daily read, meditation, and gratitude practice have made such a difference in my life. So the umbrella theme for me in 2021 is consistency. Building off what has been a blessing to my life in 2020 – and that’s okay! So keep that in mind when you’re thinking about your next goal, or resolution — what is your intention? Once you clarify that, then create from there!

November 29, 2020


We need to respect our bodies. We are capable of doing magnificent things, and can push ourselves to the limit, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay in overdrive. We need to recognize where rest is mandatory and actually aids us in being more productive in our day to day, as well as growth specifically in our health and fitness journey. It’s much more productive and strategic to have regular breaks and rest, than unnecessarily push ourselves to the point of burnout. This applies to both mental and physical breaks. It takes more time to recovery from burnout. Be kind to yourself, and your body, you’ll go much further that way.

September 22, 2020

Quiet mornings and watching the sunrise has absolutely become one of my favorite things to do. To be in my own element, have the feeling of peace, and watch nature do its thing. It’s absolutely beautiful and I love to marvel in the unique beauty of each sunrise. Also, watching so many people come out to catch the sunrise and see their interaction is a beautiful reminder of how the simple things matter in life. You really don’t need much. When you’re present, basking in the beauty around you, and in good company it fills you up. 2020 has been a whirlwind of a ride, but I’m forever grateful for the shifts it has caused me to made. The leaps of faith I have had to make. That’s the beauty of life, you never know what’s going to unfold. However, I just choose to continue to trust, and go with the flow much like the waves, and it’s been quite the journey see how it’s unfolded. I have my dreams and goals, and will continue to pursue them and plan out what I can, but I will continue to adjust to God’s plan cause he’s been killing the game haha. We have plans, but He always has bigger plans, and I’ll continue to surrender. It’s been such a learning experience to continue to trust my intuition, His plan, and recognize that everything is for me whether it seems “good or bad.” It’s all meant to keep me moving and pivoting in the direction I should be headed…I’ll forever be grateful for these life experiences. Life is beautiful if you choose to see it that way ???

September 17, 2020

Have you mastered bicycle crunches? If so, here’s A TWIST ? on your traditional bicycle crunches…Tricycle Crunches! ?
A set of 20 – 30 reps total is sure to set your core on fire! Try out 3 rounds

Lift both legs off the ground and extend one leg fully, while drawing in the other knee towards your chest . Keep your chin lifted (imagine holding an apple under your chin), shoulders off the ground, light fingertips behind your ears to keep from straining your neck, and your elbows wide to encourage more rotation to engage your obliques more. Complete three rotations on one side, pause for one second, then repeat the movement on other side. When you’re pedaling your legs, imagine that you’re “reverse” pedaling to encourage the hip tilt towards your body to engage your lower core. Draw those legs straight in and out! Be strong and in control with your tempo throughout these movements…that’s where the work happens! Make sure to breathe through your rotations! Now enjoy that core fire! ? #rg @maricrislapaix


August 24, 2020

Real talk here! I want to share some of the insights and breakthroughs I’ve had recently, and how I’ve seen it’s relation within my business, personal life, and also my clients and their journey. When we really dive deep into looking at our goals and figuring out how to accomplish them, sometimes we become the ones who kill the dream. We get scared. So for example, I’ve competed at a high level for sports, but when there’s something I can’t do as well, I might hold back from participating in it. It’s scary to put myself in a position of not looking “athletic,” since that’s how I’ve been identified as for years. However, it sucks not trying new things if I’m actually intrigued by it, and I’m just holding myself back cause I’m scared of losing face. I find that this relates to my clients and their fitness journey. Especially my strong and powerful high level corporate workers and my moms who are the anchors of their family. If they haven’t had a fitness routine in years, it’s scary to think that they’ll now have to be vulnerable and take on a new journey. The underlying fear is actually being seen as “weak and incapable,” with the possibility of “failure.” And this is where they begin to question themselves…”Can I actually accomplish my goal?“ And then the excuses start to pile up as to “why it’s not the right time.” But we have to remember there is no failure, it’s just continuous evolvement and learning. The real question is, “am I ready to shed my old identity and step into my higher self?” When you’re looking to start something because you believe it’s a part of your values, it becomes a different experience. You become more willing to adjust and grow at a pace fit for you. You’re not trying to match anyone else’s journey, or an image of “perfection.” So ask yourself…when it comes to deciding on whether or not you want to start your fitness journey, are you making excuses for you, and stuck in maintaining a certain identity? Or are you ready to be kind to yourself and evolve and grow as it feels organic to you and your current needs and desires? We aren’t here to live in the past, we live for NOW.