April 25, 2021by Maricris Lapaix0

I constantly get asked, “do you live in Florida now?,” and “When are you moving back to LA?” My answer…IDK

I used cringe at not knowing the answer to this because I always had to have an answer for everything. But I decided to change my perspective because of everything this leap of faith has blessed me with.

I enjoy when I’m home in LA because I’m more intentional with my time. And I enjoy Florida because I’m meeting new amazing people, learning from other trainers, and being exposed to new situations. And I can’t get over the views!  It’s definitely helped with my growth of stepping out of my comfort zone.

Moving to Florida is by far the biggest and craziest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s been nothing but magical to see what has unfolded. And because of this I’ve just learned to let go and surrender. I call it my Pocahontas vibes haha…Just see where the wind takes me. My faith is in God and in trusting my intuition. I’ll know when it’s time to settle, but until then, I’m just enjoying the journey…and I hope you do the same on yours!

by Maricris Lapaix

Maricris Lapaix, NASM-CPT, CNS WFS, CES https://MaricrisLapaix.com

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