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Currently, one goal of mine for the year is to provide workouts on an app or other social media platform to reach more of you!

I love having goals to work towards. Chasing goals makes me smile from the inside out. There’s something about constantly lighting a fire under my tushy to see what I’m made of that keeps me amped! Granted sometimes my goals change, but I’ve learned to be okay with it!

I used to feel that if I had an ambitious goal, and shared it with someone and then changed it, they’d think I’d given up, or I wasn’t equipped enough to handle the task ahead. Or also, that I had no idea what I’m doing with my life. However, my perspective has shifted. I’ve learned to embrace my nature and the fact that I really love to explore and only do things I have a passion for.

I learned that sometimes along the journey of working towards a goal, I learn lessons that direct me another direction, or I find out that it actually isn’t something I want to pursue. But I’m always thankful for the time I put towards the goal because I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. That’s why I say it’s never a waste of time to pursue what feels right. Something will always come out of it. And sometimes I share my goals with others because I want that accountability of having put it out there!

On the flip side, I have also learned to work quietly! I’m quite the person to share everything …ask my best friends…However, when you’re embarking towards accomplishing a goal you’re unfamiliar with, sometimes it’s best to work under the radar. Sometimes you don’t want those external influences.

Just know that when you choose to work towards a goal, it comes down to you at the end of the day. It’s your happiness. You’re the one experiencing it all, so don’t let others project their fears onto you because they don’t know what you feel in your heart, nor what you’re equipped to do!



by Maricris Lapaix

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