March 15, 2021by Maricris Lapaix0

Do you ever just have that day where everything goes wrong?! No matter what you do. You don’t have any bad energy, it just isn’t happening. I used to get a bit frustrated especially when I was on a massive time crunch, but then I just learned to trust that it’s all happening for a reason. If I’m safe, then I’m fine. And now instead of getting a bit frustrated, I get curious as to where life is trying to redirect me.

After all my physical road blocks this morning for a volleyball session that should’ve taken an hour…3 hours later I’ve come back having discovered a beautiful new beach, and a reminder from a cute little stranger to be kind and present, and share your energy with someone to make their day.

So here’s your reminder…when things aren’t going your way, no matter how well planned it may seem, just learn to let go and surrender. Control what you can control, and make the best out of it.

by Maricris Lapaix

Maricris Lapaix, NASM-CPT, CNS WFS, CES https://MaricrisLapaix.com

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