February 8, 2021by Maricris Lapaix0

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing you are?! It’s so easy to look at everyone’s Instagram and other social media platforms and see their highlight reel and wonder if you’re enough or even doing enough. But the fact of the matter is, no one knows what’s going on behind the scenes, what’s going on in your day to day, what goals you have planted in your heart, and what you’re regularly processing mentally. You’re the only one who does! And that’s all that matters!

This is why the Self Love Challenge is so important to me. As we navigate this month, and our day to day, we have to recognize that the only thing that is constant is change. And it’s important to remember that you can choose how you move, and at what pace. The only way you should move is in a way that feels organic to you because you’re the one who is experiencing it. So if it’s improving your health, then take a look at the overall picture of your health, and pick one habit that will add value to your life…then go knock that habit out of the park! That’s all it takes! It takes the mindset of you recognizing right off the bat that YOU’RE ENOUGH, and that you get to decide how you want to move in your day to day! When you come from a place of love to make improvements or goals, it’s an entirely different experience, than coming from a place of lack. Don’t forget to be grateful about your starting point, but excited about where you see yourself going! YOU ARE LOVE! Don’t forget it!

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by Maricris Lapaix

Maricris Lapaix, NASM-CPT, CNS WFS, CES https://MaricrisLapaix.com

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