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If you know anything about me, you know that I love quotes! You can always interpret them to fit whatever is going on in your life.

Jay Shetty laid it out nice and clear with this one!

One day…


Day One?

You get to decide.

How many times have we talked about our goals, whether it be in regards to relationships, careers or our personal fitness goals, as if it is a dream in the far future? That may absolutely be the case in regards to timeline, and how fast we can learn and develop for that specific dream…however, I’ve really come to appreciate the power of our words. We need to speak knowing that whatever we want, can and will happen. Speak words of affirmation. Our words influence our mindset, which in turn influence how we take action.

I’m 100% on the side of “DAY ONE.” You need to instill in yourself the confidence that you can accomplish whatever it is you want to do. For example, if you’re talking about your fitness goal, rather than saying,

“ONE DAY I want to have a photoshoot when I drop these 20lbs,” say…

“This is DAY ONE of my 20lbs weight loss journey, and in 3 months I will have a photoshoot to celebrate my success.”

Make your goals concrete and visible. When you give yourself these deadlines it creates more fire and passion towards reaching your goal. There’s more urgency and purpose behind it. You haven’t created a goal that is just floating around with no foreseeable end. More specific goals lead to more specific actions. Now that you’ve set the goal for 3 months you can hold yourself accountable to reach certain weight loss bench marks, make a note in your calendar of when to contact a photographer, and also choose your shoot date. You’ve created a fun goal for you to look forward to.

If you find yourself having a hard time saying that it is “DAY ONE,” ask yourself, why? What is truly causing you to pause when moving forward. Are you afraid of failure? If so, remember “failing” is never actually “failing,” it is a lesson. You now get to continue on your journey with more experience. Continually find small steps to help you move forward. Ask for help when needed. Reach out to those who have traveled a path similar to where you’d like to see yourself. Continue to gather more research as you figure out the direction you’d like to move. No path is ever a straight line. Seek to create a timeline and path, but be flexible to adjusting as needed because you know that you’ve committed to your DAY ONE. ONE DAY is now something you can truly visualize in the near future because you’ve set up the road map to get you there. Be specific with yourself always. You’re worthy and capable.

Here’s my task for you! Define one fitness goal that you’d like to accomplish in 4-weeks. For example, you want to lose 8lbs.
On your DAY ONE, you’ve decided to take the journey to losing 8lbs
    1. DAY ONE – Go on a 30 minute walk, and do this 3x a week for the next 2 weeks
    2. In two weeks, you’ll jump to walking 30 minutes, 5x a week
    3. At the start of your second week, you’ll add a healthy protein shake after every walk
    4. On the 28th day, you’ll weigh in and be happy with the progress you’ve made and celebrate that commitment you’ve made to yourself the past 4 weeks. You will also set a new overall goal for the next 4 weeks.

by Maricris Lapaix

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